Emma Bunton wears our 'Inca' Emerald Fedora in the new Ab Fab Movie

We are so excited to be able to share with you now that Emma Bunton is wearing a Kate Braithwaite Millinery 'Inca' Emerald fedora in the new Ab Fab Movie!!  
Not only does she wear this on set she doesn't take it off her head the whole week - Emma has posted pictures of her in the Emerald Fedora for Comic Relief and also out and about in London.  
After Emma put pictures of herself up on Instagram, SUZY MENKES re-posted the photo, so we have had a busy last few days.
Thank you Emma Bunton and all the your wonderful team who made it so easy choosing which hat was perfect for your red carpet scene.  Emerald green is a fantastic hat for an Autumn day, and contrasts Emma's blonde hair and black outfit perfectly. 
Kate Braithwaite Millinery features in Ab Fab Movie
Emma Bunton wearing a Kate Braithwaite Emerald Green Fedora| Suzy Menkes
Emma Bunton in Ab Fab Movie| Kate Braithwaite Fedora